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Who Are We Asset Board-01
Who Are We?
Who Are We Asset Board-02
The Sussex MSK Partnership

The Sussex MSK Partnership is made up of the following partners:
Horder Healthcare
Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust
Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

We are a unique local, trusted, non for profit integrated partnership. We bring together primary care, expert musculoskeletal intermediate and specialist care, community and mental health and wellbeing clinicians to deliver all elements of the service. We are committed to delivering: 

Quality outcomes through shared decision making
Transformation through local partnerships
Excellence through shared values
Integration through system leadership

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What Are Our Visions & Values Asset Board-01
What are Our
Visions & Values?
What Are Our Visions & Values Asset Board-02
Our Vision

Sussex MSK Partnership will transform MSK services across Sussex putting patients in control of their health care journeys and delivering care that is tailored to their needs.
Our service will be joined up, where shared decision making is paramount and our integrated clinical pathways are patient and carer focused.
We are unyielding in the pursuit of quality.

What Are Our Visions & Values Asset Board-01
Our Values

Honesty, trust and integrity
Listening, collaborate and always learning
Creativity and innovation
Respect, caring and compassionate

What Are Our Visions & Values Asset Board-02
Our Behaviours

Deliver on what we say we will do
Always look to innovate and transform
Speak with candour and courage - support each other but also challenge and seek to understand
Seek solutions and learn from mistakes
Represent the Partnership not self

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Who Does What Asset Board-01
Who Does What?
Who Does What Asset Board-02
Employment Structure

It is helpful to be aware that your colleagues may be employed by a different partner organisation than you – for example an SCFT Receptionist may work alongside a Here employed AP.

Because of this parts of your induction and HR processes may be different to some of your colleagues. However, you are all part of the Sussex MSK Partnership and are working together in accordance with the visions and values of the service.

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Who Does What Asset Board V2-01
Administration Structure

Pathway Operational Managers (POMs)
Oversees operational processes for each pathway in each site.
Foot & Ankle: Tim Price
Hip & Knee: Sami Dawes
Spine: Chloe Chell
Upper Limb: Bonnie Bradford
Pain & Rheumatology: Natalie Godfrey

Senior Patient Care Advisers (SPCAs)
Manages a team of PCAs within each pathway/clinic location.

Patient Care Advisors (PCAs)
Contacts patients to arrange appointments, write letters, and process admin outcomes from appointments & queries.

Who Does What Asset Board V2-01
Clinical Structure

Clinical Leads
Oversees clinical processes, learning, & development for each pathway.
Foot & Ankle: TBA
Hip & Knee: TBA
Spine: TBA
Shoulder & Elbow: TBA
Hand & Wrist: TBA
Pain & Rheumatology: TBA

First Contact Practitioners - Advanced Practitioners in GP Practices (8a)
Advanced Practitioners (8a)
Podiatric Surgeons (8a)
FCP & AP Trainees (B7)
Podiatrists (B7)
Physiotherapists (B5-7)
Osteopaths (B5-7)
Occupational Therapists (B5-7)

Who Does What Asset Board V2-01
Additional Teams

Learning & Development
Identify the development needs of individuals and teams and support the implementation of training and process change.

Project Management Team
Works on MSK projects including co-locations, redesigns, patient questionnaires and other projects to improve the service.

Learning & Development Team (L&D)
Identify the development needs of individuals and teams and support the implementation of training and process change

Fusion Team
Includes the HR and finance functions for Here employed staff

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Where We Work Asset Board-01
Where Do We Work?
Where We Work Asset Board-01

This map represents the geography covered by SMSKP Central (Yellow) and our partners SMSKP East (Green).

Where We Work Asset Board-02
HERE Main Office, 177 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 6AG

Clinic Locations:
Brighton Diagnostic and Treatment Centre (AMEX)
Brighton General Hospital (BGH)
Beaconsfield Medical Practice
County Oak Medical Centre
Radius Health Care (County Cricket Ground)
Saltdean and Rottingdean Medical Centre

Where We Work Asset Board-03
The Vale Surgery, Bolding Way, West Sussex, RH16 4SY

The Vale is one of our offices and the main clinic in our Mid Sussex area. Based within a GP surgery.
There are 8 clinic rooms where we run Consultant and ESP clinics.
There is a small admin team who works from within the Vale

Centre Manager: Gracjana Dziok

Where We Work Asset Board-04
Sidney Wesy Primary Care Centre, Leylands Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 8HS

Sidney West is where all of our Podiatric appointments and surgeries take place.

Centre Manager: Tracey Coglan

Where We Work Asset Board-05
Crawley Hospital, West Green Drive, Crawley, RH11 7DH

Crawley Hospital is the location of the admin team for Crawley and Horsham.

We currently have MSK ICATS and Physiotherapy clinics running from Crawley.

SPCAs: Theresa Davies & Fiona Jenkins

Where We Work Asset Board-06
Horsham Hospital, Hurst Road, Horsham, RH12 2DR

Horsham has MSK ICATS and Physiotherapy clinics.

SPCA: Yvonne Townsend

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How We Work Asset Board-01
How Do We Work?
How We Work Asset Board-02
Patient Care Pathways

Our service is broken down into the four elements of care. The elements are highlighted below:

Self-Care and Supported Self-Management
Primary Care (GPs, Pharmacies)
Community Based Specialist MSK Care
Hospital Care

How We Work Asset Board-03
Clinical Pathways

In 2016 the SMSKP decided to split the admin team into the relevant clinical pathways.

This assists with the day to day running of the service and means that when patients call into the service they speak to a member of team who will be more specialised to assist with their query.

Upper Limb (Shoulder & Elbow and Hand & Wrist)
Lower Limb (Hip & Knee and Foot & Ankle)
Pain & Rheumatology
Musculoskeletal Assessment & Rehabilitation Service (Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, & Occupational Therapy)

How We Work Asset Board V2 (pages 3 and 4)-04
IT Systems Used within SMSKP

SystmOne: Administrative and patient record system that provides details of patients and offers a booking system

E-Referral: Patient record and referral system

Digital Dictation: Voice recognition software for clinical outcome letters

Dragon Dictate: Automated voice recognition software where the letter is live typed

PC & Printer: PC login should be set up by your line manager, if the correct printer is not connected you will need to call the HIS.

Email: Standard Network Account Request will then be completed and sent off to the CSU. This process may take several days, if you already have an NHS account please inform your line manager.

Use of Document Drives: You will be given access to the S and T drive. The T Drive can also be accessed by SCFT staff for sharing documents.

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