What is Musculoskeletal (MSK)

What are MSK Conditions?

MSK conditions are those that affect bones, joints, and muscles.

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What is the Musculoskeletal Assessment & Rehabilitation Service?

This team is comprised of Physiotherapists and Osteopaths. Physiotherapy and Osteopathy are more than just exercises. They are specialists in providing rehabilitation for all MSK conditions. Their focus is on you, your lifestyle, and your goals aiming to help resolve your current problem but also stop it from happening again. They provide long-term management and care for your condition.

You and your clinician will work together to understand who you are, your needs and goals, and help you to live your life to the full the way you want to. They work to reduce pain and restore function and movement. If needed our therapists can refer you on to see an Advanced Practitioner.

Read how our Physiotherapist Georgina Horler helped Billy Monger recover and return to racing after Billy lost both his legs in a crash at Donnington Park.

What is the Advanced Practitioner MSK?

Advanced Practitioner MSK is for those who need extra support or further input for more complex conditions. Our Advanced Practitioners (APs) are able to refer for treatment of more complex conditions. They can refer for diagnostics (Xrays, MRI’s, Ultrasounds, etc) and refer for more invasive treatments (injections, surgeries, etc) if these are needed.

We also run clinics with consultants (co-located clinics), and if needed your AP can see you with a consultant to discuss any surgical procedures before referring you.

What Might My Treatment Look Like?

The below diagram shows a basic version of what your treatment journey might look like in our service.