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A Complete Placement

We would just like to take a few moments to recognise the excellent work that has been going on in our service around physiotherapy placements.  Our new model, which enables those working with us on placement to gain exposure to all areas of our service including Advanced Practitioner and First Contact Practitioner clinics, has been recognised on a national level by the CSP.

Having exposure to First Contact Practitioner clinics is part of our preferred model for these placements as they offer valuable insight into how physiotherapy is changing to support Primary Care. 

So to all of our team who have worked really hard on ensuring that this work continues, despite the disruption of the last year, thank you.  Our clinical educators within the Muscularskeletal Assesment and Rehab Service (MARS) team have designed these innovative placements in collaboration with the University of Brighton and enabled them to happen.  You can find out more on the CSP website here.

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