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Quality improvement refers to the combined and unceasing efforts of everybody in our organization to make everything about it, especially our patient care, better. This is through a process of identifying something that could be better, and making a measurable change
Example: To set up a monthly Injection Hub Clinic to improve patient journey and reduce injection waiting times.

Research refers to a study which will give further fact or evidence towards a particular question/hypothesis
Example: Does a 6 week wrist splinting protocol in patients with mild Carpal Tunnel Syndrome result in a reduction of symptoms? A Randomised Controlled Trial.

Audit refers to evaluating something particular against a set of pre-existing standards.
Example: To assess if Patient Records in the Lower Limb Pathway are meeting the Record Keeping Trust Policy Standards

Bright Ideas Group – the group that will give you support and feedback on your quality improvement project. They include the QI mentors

Research Interest Group – the group that will give you support and feedback on your research and audit project. They include the Research mentors. They work together with the Bright Ideas Group