Referrals to the MSK Service for Acute Conditions

The information on this page is for people who have had musculoskeletal (MSK) symptoms for less than 6 weeks.

We know from research that most new injuries, aches, and pains will improve within six weeks. We therefore recommend that patients should not refer to our services within the first 6 weeks of developing new symptoms.

At times it might feel like your problem won’t get better, but very few people need any extra care other than some simple steps. We have a lot of great ways to look after yourself on our website, plus lots of resources for self-help. See:

However, if your symptoms have not improved after six weeks, then please return to our self-referral form which can be found here:

If you are concerned that your condition is worsening please contact your GP surgery. Most local GP surgeries now have First Contact Practitioners working in their teams. These are Physiotherapists or Osteopaths with specialist training who can advise on early injury management. More information on how FCPs can support you can be found here: