Self Referral

Self-Referral allows you to refer to some MSK & Physiotherapy services without seeing your GP first.
All forms are also available in paper versions and can be collected from your GP or the Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Self-Referral?

Self Referral is a way to refer yourself for Physiotherapy and certain MSK conditions (see above) without seeing a doctor/GP first.

What Can I Self-Refer for?

We are able to treat bone, muscle, or joint problems. For any other problems please visit your GP.

How Do I Self-Refer?

Click the link above for where you live and fill in the online form. Please include as much information as possible about the problem(s). Also include any other medical conditions that may affect you (even if they don’t specifically relate to the problem you are referring for).
We do provide for disabilities and special needs as well as interpreters, please provide information on your self-referral.

When Should I Self-Refer?

Self Refer if you have been suffering from the problem for over 6 weeks. If your problem is less than 6 weeks old please check our New Injuries page for help and guidance. If you need urgent treatment/are in serious pain please visit your GP or an Urgent Treatment Centre / Accident & Emergency department.

What Happens After I Self-Refer?

Once you complete the form you will get an email confirming that we have received it (please check your Junk Email folder).
It will then be looked at by an expert clinician (triaged) to assess who you need to see.
You will then be added to a waiting list for an appointment (see the Wait Times page for guideline waiting times).
When you reach the top of the list you will be contacted to make an appointment.

While you are waiting for an appointment, visit our Self Care page for help looking after yourself before being seen.